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Adventure Travel - Peru

Peru's culture and natural wonders: Thrilling journey through the Sacred Valley and Cusco

I had the incredible opportunity to journey to the Sacred Valley and Cusco, Peru, accompanied by a small team tasked with capturing stunning photo and video content for Eddie Bauer's Fall 2018 Adventure Travel campaign. We immersed ourselves in the vibrant culture, winding our way through the narrow alleys of Cusco, exploring ancient ruins, and bonding with the locals over a spirited game of football. Our adventure culminated in an unforgettable overnight stay at the base of the awe-inspiring Waqrapukara Ruins. Though our journey was swift, its impact was profound, leaving an indelible impression on the group.


Producer + Art Director: Kirsten Kinkead

Photographer: Forest Woodward

Motion DP: Max Lowe

Talent: Chris Korbulic, Holly Johnson, Christian Schaffer

Local Production: La Casa Films

Location: Cusco, Peru

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